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ActivePure Technology provides 24/7/365 air and surface pathogen protection across entire facilities.

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Advanced IAQ Technology

What Is ActivePure Technology?

ActivePure Technology is a patented advanced form Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) also known as Advanced Active Photocatalytic Oxidation (AAPC). The basis of ActivePure is Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) which scientists at NASA Research Partnership Center created in the mid-1990s to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the International Space Station.¹ ActivePure has continuously improved and upgraded the technology to meet ever-changing IAQ demands.

24/7/365 Air & Surface Protection

How Does ActivePure Work?

ActivePure Technology relies on chemistry, not chemicals, to transform your air into powerful and effective molecules. ActivePure utilizes a photocatalytic process defined as a light source and catalyst to make a chemical reaction more likely to happen by reducing the activation energy required.¹

ActivePure Technology further enhanced the mixed metal matrix, or catalyst, to change how it interacts with the light source, making it more effective.1 The ActivePure cell houses the light source and the catalyst. As air passes through the ActivePure cell, the oxidized molecules are continuously created to combat environmental contaminants.

ActivePure Technology Guide

Want To Learn More About ActivePure Technology?

Discover the science behind ActivePure Technology and the incredible abilities of ActivePure air purifiers in minimizing airborne and surface contaminants.

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Healthier & Efficient Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Invest In ActivePure IAQ Solutions To Provide Long-term Benefits & Real-time Protection

Choose Sanalife's trusted ActivePure indoor air quality solutions for continuous 24/7/365 air and surface pathogen protection through scalable, efficient, and low-maintenance air purification systems.

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Innovative Technology Backed By testing

Sanalife's cutting-edge ActivePure Technology is at the forefront of emerging indoor air quality technologies. Lead by innovation and science, ActivePure is backed by real-world testing, independent laboratory testing, and outcome-based peer-reviewed studies.

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Scalable Solutions Built For Every Facility

At Sanalife, we offer customized ActivePure air purification solutions that cater to the unique indoor air quality requirements of different facilities. Our range of solutions includes portable air purifiers and HVAC induct systems, ensuring that we have the perfect fit for every indoor environment.

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Low Annual Maintenance & Operating Costs

ActivePure air purifiers are designed to be low maintenance and require minimal operating costs. With simple annual servicing and energy-efficient operation, our solutions are worry-free and affordable systems. You can trust ActivePure to provide clean air without the hassle of high maintenance or operating costs.

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Improve Occupant & Building Health

Sanalife's ActivePure Technology effectively purifies indoor air, creating a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment. It reduces absenteeism and sick leave by preventing the spread of viruses and other pollutants. Transform your facility with ActivePure technology, which swiftly eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs, creating a hygienic environment.

Connected IAQ Solutions

Healthier Spaces Begins With ActivePure & Sanalife's E360 IAQ Monitoring

Discover how Sanalife’s E360 platform and indoor air quality monitoring solutions can provide real-time actionable insights to improve the IAQ and health of your facilities.

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Get In Touch With A Sanalife Indoor Air Quality Expert

Sanalife & E360 provides scalable ActivePure indoor air quality solutions that can be combined with advanced IAQ monitoring systems. Our solutions can support every facility, from a single school to an entire commercial office building.

Fill out our contact form, and one of our Sanalife & E360 experts will reach out shortly to help find the perfect indoor air quality solution for your organization.

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Reducing Student Absenteeism

"As we developed our COVID-19 response strategy, we recognized that high-quality air filtration systems in our classrooms were of the utmost importance to maintain in-person learning," said "Since implementing the air purifiers, we've seen a significant decrease in absenteeism."

Mr. Kelsey Bailey, Chief Deputy of Finance & Operation

Little Rock School District, Arkansas, USA

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Energy Efficiency With E360

“E360 helps ensure our AC system only operates when classes are in session, and we keep our outdoor lighting synced up year-round, saving our school 19% annually.”

Mark Gaines, Board President

The Prentice School, Santa Ana, CA

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Better Healthcare With ActivePure

“Keeping patients and team members safe is the top priority for infection prevention and control, and as HAIs in healthcare continue to rise and occur. I am proud to highlight the improvements we made with ActivePure.”

Lori Berthelot, RN, BSN, CIC, Infection Control Supervisor

Ochsner Health, Louisiana, USA

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High-Quality Solutions For Assisted Living

“After extensively researching air purifiers, Sanalife’s high-quality products are the best we’ve found and one of many things we do to keep our facilities, staff, and patients healthy. Your products are a welcome addition to our checklist of precautions to remain safe.”

Stewart Karger, Administrator

Belmont Manor Rehabilitation Center, Massachusetts, USA

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Better Air Quality For Distribution Center

"Our Account Representative Chris, was very proactive and knowledgable and conducted our on-site visit in the safest manner possible. After installing the systems we immediately felt the air quality improvement and the BST team has appreciated the critical safety improvements."

Nick Francescucci, Director of HR

Boston Sword & Tuna, Massachusetts, USA

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Creating a Healthier Indoor Dining Experience

"We chose Sanalife's air quality solutions because it was easy setup and use and provided robust air exchanges even for large square footage areas. This allowed us to reassure the safety of indoor dining, providing peace of mind for the staff and customers."

Tom Mills, Owner & Operator

Flying Goose Brewery & Grille, New Hampshire, USA


Products Built For Rapidly Improving Indoor Air Quality In Every Environment

Improve the health of your building with Sanalife's scalable air purification and indoor air quality monitoring solutions. Gain insights and analyze the air quality across your entire portfolio of assets.

  1. Space Foundation. (2017).“Radiant Catalytic Ionization Air & Water Purification.” (Note that ActivePure Technology was formerly referred to as Radiant Catalytic Ionization or RCI.)
  2. ActivePure® does not replace the need to follow CDC guidance and should be used as a complementary technology.

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