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We work with businesses and institutions all over the country to provide complete UV-C disinfection and indoor air quality solutions that have helped restore the trust and wellness of their customers, students, employees, and more. Sanalife is here to help you protect those who matter most.

  • Schools & Universities
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  • Apartments & Condominiums
  • Gymnasiums & Fitness Centers
  • Hospitality & Accommodation
  • Government & Municipalities
  • Agriculture & Industry
  • Warehouses & Fulfillment
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Fleet & Transportation
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The Advantages of Portable Air Purifiers

Everyone can benefit from purified air, are in peak physical condition or in an at-risk health category. Some top advantages you can gain by using the air quality solutions we offer in your business or facility include:‍

Virus Mitigation

Our innovative air cleaning systems trap and reduce viruses and harmful bacteria helping providing your employees, students, staff, or guests with added peace of mind.

Contaminant Removal

The air is filled with contaminants, ranging from natural items like dust and dirt to manufactured hazards like chemicals, smoke, and pollution. Our products clean all these from the air.

Allergy Reduction

With portable air purifiers you can reduce common airborne allergens like mold, pollen, pet dander, and tobacco smoke. Our air purifier systems can provide cleaner and healthier air for your spaces.

Productivity Control

Clean air makes people feel good. It energizes individuals and improves the work environment. You will also have people taking fewer sick days per year, helping you accomplish more.

Let's Build A Solution Together.
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Uncertain which solution is right for your business, school, or facility? We'll work with you to design the appropriate air quality and disinfection solution that's right for your business or school.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality
Using Government Grants and Available Relief Funding

At Sanalife, we make it easy to purify your environment with air quality solutions to match virtually any requirement. The federal government simplifies things even further with several funding opportunities Recent government relief set funds aside that schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, restaurants, fitness centers, and other entities can use to upgrade or replace HVAC systems.

Purified air is an essential piece of the puzzle in viral infections mitigation. The government knows this and provides this money without including any payback requirement. The grants are available through funding intended to help businesses and community facilities create clean environments, protect at-risk individuals, and return to their highest occupancy limits.

Funding opportunities are available through the federal government, as well as state-specific grants. These programs are only available for a limited time. You'll want to act fast, and we can help. Let us assist you in finding the money you are eligible for, securing it for your use, and utilizing it for dependable portable air purifiers.

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