Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

With Sanalife's E360 monitor your indoor air quality, manage building health, and demand ventilation.

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Optimized Indoor Air Quality

Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitoring With Actionable Insights

Improve your building’s indoor air quality and manage its health with E360, a scalable indoor air quality monitoring solution. Gain insights by analyzing the air quality across your entire commercial property portfolio.

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Components of E360 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Dashboards
Monitoring For Every IAQ Issue

Monitor All Factors Impacting Indoor Air Quality with Our All-In-One IAQ Monitors

E360’s intelligent indoor air quality sensors and monitoring software can uncover and help you mitigate the factors impacting your air quality.

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Particulate Matter Levels from PM 0.5 To PM 10

Monitor particulate matter levels in every space to support a proactive approach to reducing PM 0.5, PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 4, and PM 10.

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Total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Measure the concentration of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) present within your indoor environments.

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Carbon Dioxide Levels (CO2)

Keep track of carbon dioxide concentrations throughout your facility and automate HVAC ventilation to reduce CO2 levels.

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Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Monitor formaldehyde gas levels (HCHO) within your facilities and proactively mitigate unhealthy concentrations.

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Ambient Temperature

See the real-time ambient temperature in every room to better balance and optimize your building's heating and cooling schedules.

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Humidity Levels

Measure the humidity levels throughout your building to actively improve occupant comfort and manage humidity to prevent mold growth.

Show You Occupants You Care About Their Health & Well Being

Speak with Sanalife’s air quality monitoring and air purification solutions team. Learn how a custom implementation can fit into your facilities.

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See Indoor Air Quality for the First Time, in Real-Time

With E360’s indoor air quality monitoring system, bring all your air quality data together effortlessly into convenient dashboards to help identify insights and make data-driven decisions.

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See Air Quality Statistics in Every Space

With Sanalife's E360 understanding and managing your indoor air quality has never been easier. Leverage the 360 view of your location or buildings to monitor the air in each space.

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Access Historical Data and Trends

Gain insights immediately with access to historical data and trends to better understand the air quality factors, what they mean, and how to better manage your indoor air quality.

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Improve Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Ensuring clean air in buildings is essential for people's health and safety. With E360, air quality monitoring, and HVAC control are automated to provide real-time delivery of clean air.

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Lower Energy Consumption

E360 tracks indoor air quality for enhanced HVAC efficiency and reduced energy costs. By implementing automated and strategically planned demand control ventilation (DCV), E360 can decrease energy usage by as much as 62%.

What is indoor air quality monitoring?

How does indoor air quality monitoring work?

What indoor air quality monitor does E360 use?

24/7/365 Air And Surface Protection

Pair Your IAQ Monitoring With 24/7/365 Air And Surface Protection

The next evolution of sustainable indoor air quality and surface disinfection technologies is here. ActivePure is the only active air purification technology that continuously works 24/7/365 to protect your Indoor environments against 99.9% of common airborne pathogens and contaminants.

Explore ActivePure
Sanalife And E360 IAQ Product Suite
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Backed By Extensive Efficacy And Safety Testing

ActivePure is backed by scientific research conducted in real-world settings, independent laboratories, and peer-reviewed studies.

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Scalable Clean Air And Surface Product Solutions

From HVAC Induct to portable air purifiers, ActivePure air quality solutions are scalable by design to support whole-building coverage.

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Reduce Sick Leave With Continuous Air And Surface Cleaning

Reduce sick leave by creating healthier indoor environments and reduce the risk of viral transmission in real-time.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

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Sanalife's E360 platform provides scalable indoor air quality monitoring solutions that support every facility, from a single school to an entire commercial office building.

Fill out our contact form, and one of our E360 experts will reach out shortly to help find the perfect indoor air quality monitoring solution for your organization.

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Sanalife E360 Platform

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality, Operating Costs, And Energy Usage With Sanalife's E360

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Solutions For All Industries

Healthy And Sustainable Buildings Start With Sanalife E360 Solutions

All organizations face a common challenge: How do you keep your buildings energy efficient, healthy, while optimizing your operations. Sanalife’s E360 provides a solution to help organizations of all types to conserve essential resources, promote sustainability, and increase productivity.

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Healthy Spaces And Sustainable Places

Our mission is to educate and raise awareness about the significance of indoor air quality and sustainability and the big impact small lifestyle changes can have on the environment around us.

We're dedicated to providing advanced energy management and indoor air quality solutions to schools, businesses, and organizations across the United States.

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