Technologies Engineered For Clean And Healthy Indoor Environments

From premium air filtration to advanced active air purification technologies, Sanalife has all the solutions for cleaner indoor environments.

ActivePure Technology

The next evolution of indoor air quality technology is here. Explore the only science backed proactive air purification technology, ActivePure.

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True HEPA Filtration

Learn how the industry standard in air filtration media can rapidly reduce even the smallest airborne contaminants.

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Sanalife Aerus Guardian Angel True HEPA Filter Replacement

Activated Carbon

Learn how Activated Carbon filters and is various forms can adsorb gaseous and odorous organic molecules.

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PCO Technology

Learn more about how PCO technology harnesses the power of UV Light within provide more effective air purification.

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Multi-Stage Filtration

Sanalife’s portable air purifiers take air quality management to the next level by combining the industry’s most powerful air quality technologies.

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MERV 13 HVAC Filtration

Learn more about MERV 13 filtration, and better ways to protect against airborne pathogens.

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MERV 13 Air Filter For HVAC System

Choose The Smart Solution For Your Industry

Sanalife has helped schools, offices, the government, healthcare, and more. Explore why we are a trusted partner for improving air quality by organizations nationwide.

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Healthy Spaces - Healthy Places

Our mission is to educate and raise awareness about the significance of indoor air quality and sustainability and the big impact small lifestyle changes can have on the environment around us.