Building Automation, And Smart IoT Asset Controls

Intelligently manage building asset controls with E360's advanced automation and scheduling features.

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Smart Asset Automation

Your Connected IoT Solution For Smart Building Automation

Analyze data, predict patterns, and execute automated actions through IoT remote management with E360. Sanalife's E360 platform provides access to a scalable solution for future-proofing your buildings. Our platform enables complete building control by leveraging universal IoT hardware and existing building system integration. Our platform was engineered to help operations professionals identify trends, monitor performance and automate actions for maximum efficiency.

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HVAC, Heating, Cooling, And Smart Thermostats

Level up your HVAC, heating, and cooling systems with E360’s smart thermostats and HVAC VFD controllers. Optimize HVAC system runtime and efficiency with E360’s intelligent automation and scheduling capabilities.

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Lighting Controllers, Smart Switches, And More

Using existing or E360’s custom hardware, gain granular control of your building's interior lighting, exterior lighting, smart switches, and more. Leverage advanced automation and scheduling features to reduce energy consumption and improve building energy efficiency.

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Integrated BMS, BAS Systems, And API Connections

With custom integration, E360 can work with your building's existing BMS, BAS, or EMS systems. When integrated with your existing systems and controls, our platform can add specialized features for facilities seeking to achieve operational efficiency and sustainability goals.

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Unified Building Automations

Synchronize Your Building Controls With Operations

Set your building up for success with intelligent building automation and let your building run itself in accordance with its daily usage.

Students Arriving To School In The Morning - E360

7:30 AM

Students and staff begin arriving to the school.

E360 building schedules automatically prep the building for student and staff arrivals. Light control panels turn on essential lights in entryways, hallways, and common areas. The HVAC system automatically brings the average ambient temperature to 68°F.

Students Having Lunch In Cafeteria - E360

11:30 AM

Cafeteria is bustling with students and staff.

E360 building automation increases demand ventilation within the HVAC zone servicing the cafeteria to improve indoor air quality and reduces CO2 levels.

Students Gathering In Gymnasium For Assembly - E360

1:25 PM

School-wide assembly occurs in the gymnasium.

As students and faculty attend the assembly leaving classrooms empty, E360 building schedules begin turning off non-essential lights throughout the school and reducing HVAC run-time in non-occupied zones.

Student Leaving School In The Evening - E360

3:00 PM

Students begin leaving for the day.

E360 schedules trigger unessential lights to turn off, and the HVAC system begins limiting run-time in unoccupied building zones.

School Building After Hours - E360

5:30 PM

School closes for the evening.

E360 turns off non-security interior lights and activates exterior lights. The HVAC system is scheduled to run within “away” temperature thresholds for minimal run-time overnight.


Download Our E360 Native American Community Case Study

Download our E360 case study, a Native American Community, to learn how we helped transform the community's operations for better energy and operational efficiency.

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Building Automation Solutions

Get In Touch With An E360 Building Automation Expert

Sanalife's E360 platform provides scalable energy management and building automation solutions that support every facility, from a single school to an entire commercial office building.

Fill out our contact form, and one of our E360 experts will reach out shortly to help find the perfect energy management solution for your organization.

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What is a Building Automation System?

What BAS and BMS systems integrate with E360?

What is a smart building?

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Sanalife E360 Platform

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality, Operating Costs, And Energy Usage With Sanalife's E360

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Solutions For All Industries

Healthy And Sustainable Buildings Start With Sanalife E360 Solutions

All organizations face a common challenge: How do you keep your buildings energy efficient, healthy, while optimizing your operations. Sanalife’s E360 provides a solution to help organizations of all types to conserve essential resources, promote sustainability, and increase productivity.

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