Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille Case Study

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected numerous businesses across the states. Still, the resiliency of The Flying Goose proves that local businesses can return to a state of operation with the strength of their community and a little bit of hope. Seemingly overnight, the well-known Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille located in New London, NH, was forced to shutter their doors without any timeline for reopening. This was a moment of significant loss and uncertainty for the Flying Goose’s team as they had to lay off around 40 long-time employees. Once The Flying Goose could reopen, their loyal staff was eager to return. However, with the unknowns and risks of viral transmission, employees were concerned about their safety, especially with families at home. Therefore, owner Tom Mills and his team needed to ensure the health of their staff and committed patrons. Through community support and guidance by the government, The Flying Goose offered clear communication on their new safety and service protocols. Before reopening their full sit-down service, The Flying Goose continued to provide take-out and bottle service amongst restrictions.

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