Tyngsborough Massachusetts Public Schools Case Study

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During the pandemic’s onset, public schools across the nation had to transform to meet hybrid learning models. For mid-size towns such as Tyngsborough, MA, a return to in-person learning was dependent on ensuring the safety of students and staff. Tynsborough’s Superintendent, Dr. Michael Flanagan, knew that these changes would require extensive research to determine effective viral mitigation solutions that would not impede the learning experience. After consulting Tyngsborough’s school reopening committee, Dr. Flanagan and his staff worked tirelessly over the summer, equipping the district for a safe Fall 2020 return. From PPE implementation, revamped student body schedules, and tiered bus routes, Tyngsborough was quickly prepared for safe in-person learning. However, despite all of this preparation Dr. Flanagan and his staff felt additional preventative measures were needed to reduce potential viral transmission amongst their community. For Dr. Flanagan, implementing air purification controls was the most effective and affordable solution to improve the district’s viral mitigation strategy.

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