Cahokia Illinois 187 School District Press Release

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As schools across Illinois continue to navigate the management of Covid-19 prevention, the Cahokia Unit School District #187 has purchased and deployed air purifier units with ActivePure technology to complement their recent return to in-person learning and help provide an additional layer of protection against the spread of Covid-19 in its schools. The units were purchased from Sanalife, a national leader in advanced indoor air quality and UV-C disinfection solutions for schools, businesses, and organizations across the United States. The initial deployment strategy was created in partnership with Sanalife to have the most effective results. It will place the units in high-traffic areas like lunchrooms, nurse’s rooms, and Covid-19 rooms across all the schools in the district. “My staff and I understand the importance of students returning to in-person learning, and we want to provide safe, best-in-class technology in the market to provide peace of mind to students, parents, teachers, and our entire staff,” said Cahokia Superintendent Dr. Arnett Harvey. “Like the rest of the state, we are working hard to manage staffing shortages and the impact of the Omicron variant specifically, and Covid-19 cases in general. We wanted to take care of our high-traffic areas during the first few weeks of being back and hope to continue to build upon our plans to keep students, teachers, and all other school staff healthy so that students are ready to learn.”

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