Why Every Office Should Have An Air Purifier

The top key benefits of air purifiers and why offices should consider having one.

January 25, 2022
Last Updated On:
May 10, 2022
Last Updated On:
May 10, 2022

Whether it is workplace productivity or employee wellbeing, businesses are bringing new attention to improving their overall office environments. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of these workplace quality improvements are being implemented hand-in-hand with infection prevention

So why not make the practical decision, and acquire a solution that improves employee productivity and protects against airborne pathogens. Air purifiers are affordable and proven solutions that can rapidly improve the indoor air quality of offices. Read on to learn the top key benefits of air purifiers and why you should have one in your office.

Do I Need an Air Purifier For My Office?

The simple answer is that yes—every office needs an air purifier. Air purifiers augment traditional ventilation and air cleaning systems that come standard in office buildings by adding more powerful air cleaning elements. Air purifiers can range from small units to robust units, but they are all plug-in and go. 

So, for example, your business can very easily plug in a large air purifier like the Beyond Guardian with 5-stages of filtration and a powerful 240 CFM motor. Air purification system such as the Aerus Beyond Guardian is just one example of how powerful these portable air cleaners can be. Additionally, there are systems designed for smaller spaces and reduced occupancy levels.

You can also get a more effective air purifier for long-term installations, such as HVAC inline air purifiers. Systems such as the ActivePure® Induct Guardian are scalable whole-building indoor air quality solutions. When added to existing ductwork, the Induct Guardian can provide powerful and patented active air purification.

Air Purifiers Capture or Neutralize These 11 Common Contaminants

Air purifiers with multi-stage technology can capture many contaminants that are common in office settings:

  1. Viruses
  2. Bacteria
  3. Mold and mildew
  4. Allergens
  5. Dust mites and dust particles
  6. Pet dander
  7. Bad smells, odors, and perfume
  8. Smoke smells
  9. Pollen
  10. Large debris
  11. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like paint thinners and emissions from printers and copiers

These contaminants are naturally occurring indoors or can be introduced by building occupants. Higher concentrations of airborne pollutants are especially common in buildings with enclosed, inefficient, or non-existent ventilation systems. Additionally, higher concentrations may also occur during colder seasons when windows and doors are frequently closed.

What is the Best Air Purifier for My Office?

Finding an air purifier that works for your business is relatively simple. However, it's first essential to establish what your needs are. For example, you'll want to ask yourself:

  • How large is the space I want to clean?
  • What types of contaminants need to be removed?
  • What is my budget?
  • How high is the average airborne contaminant level is in my industry?
  • What are the requirements of my business?
  • What are the major indoor air pollutants my building experiences?
  • What are the regional or national mandates around health and safety?
  • What are the current requirements around COVID-19 and infection prevention protocols?

Luckily, you can find the right air purifier for your office through Sanalife. We have several air purifiers that range in CFM ratings, capabilities, square-foot coverage, and installation method. The majority of our air purifiers feature multiple stages of filtration, including:

The Top 9 Key Benefits of Air Purifiers

There are many benefits to running an air purifier in your facility. And the truth is that air purifiers work. You and other stakeholders should consider key benefits when adding air purifiers to your building.

Benefit #1: Allow for Safer Reopening Amidst the COVID Pandemic.

The COVID pandemic has changed the way that every industry operates. Facility managers have been forced to adapt to the change in occupational requirements, which include improving ventilation, improving air purification techniques, maximum occupational numbers, safety precautions (like hand sanitizer and mask-wearing), contact tracing, and much more. 

Adding in a portable air cleaner is recommended by the CDC for safer business operations. By introducing an air purifier to your space, you will reduce the chances of an occupant getting COVID-19, which would shut down a business in the early stages of the pandemic. This allows you to reopen faster and reduce COVID Omicron outbreaks. 

Benefit #2: A Reduced Chance of Getting Seasonal Flu.

Outside of the COVID pandemic, businesses are still wrought with increasing sick days and low productivity days due to the seasonal flu. The seasonal flu rises in the late fall to early winter months as colder temperatures increase. The perfect recipe for the seasonal flu is the mixture of colder outdoor temperatures, dampness, dryer indoor environments, and spending more time indoors. 

In a normal year, seasonal flu outbreaks will leave offices empty and productivity low. Procure an air purifier for your office to reduce flu viruses and other viral and bacterial particles in the air.

Female Office Employee With The Flu

Benefit #3: Improved Employee and Workplace Productivity.

Employee and workplace productivity is a continual worry for all businesses. There are several reasons why your employees struggle with their productivity, and indoor air quality should not be one of them. 

Air purifiers reduce the chances of your employees getting sick with allergies, sick building syndrome, and other illnesses that get in the way of productivity. It also allows your employees to breathe easier and focus on work. If you have any employees with respiratory diseases like COPD, an air purifier will make it easier. 

Benefit #4: Minimize Risks of Sick Building Syndrome.

Sick building syndrome is described as a set of symptoms that present to building occupants but only when they are inside that building. The symptoms include common irritations, like a stuffy nose, irritated throat, headache, dry cough, and itchy skin. 

No one knows the exact root cause of sick building syndrome, but it could stem from the increase in air pollution, like dust, dust mites, allergens, and VOCs common in enclosed workplace settings (which is commonly where sick building syndrome comes from). Introduce an air cleaner to eliminate many airborne particles from your office space. 

Healthier Workspaces Starts With Sanalife Solutions

Benefit #5: Stay Up to Date With OSHA Health Guidelines.

Every building and business is required to abide by OSHA health guidelines. In times of turmoil, like the COVID pandemic, keeping up to date with these guidelines can be taxing. If your business requires an air filter MERV 13 or higher, as recommended by the CDC, and your HVAC unit is not compatible with MERV 13 rated filters, then this could end up being costly. Luckily, you can still follow these guidelines without the added cost of an air purifier. Facility managers should stay on top of OSHA and ASHRAE guidelines. Air purifiers for offices can help businesses maintain indoor air quality compliance to keep their occupants healthy and business operational.

Benefit #6: Cost-Effective Way to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Business.

Indoor air quality should be a primary concern for every business. Facility managers and business owners can work together to improve air quality; unfortunately, many of these improvements can be expensive. Air purifiers are a cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality without breaking the bank. Let's say that you don't have the budget for improved air quality this year, but you can afford to improve your HVAC induct with air purification next year. Well, consider an air purifier in the meantime. 

Also, note that not all HVAC improvements are as expensive as you think. For example, your unit may be working optimally, but you can replace your induct (ducts) and save money on a new unit. Suppose your building did not have enough ventilation to stay open during the COVID pandemic. In that case, an air purifier is a cost-effective way to hit these targets without needing to revamp your whole system.

Portable Air Purifier In Modern Office

Benefit #7: Air Purifiers Are Portable For Ease of Use And Placement.

Air purifiers are portable and still produce powerful cleaning technology. All you need to do is plug the unit in, and it is ready to go. With high ease of use and portability, this means that you can plug in your air purifier and have clean air in no time. You don't have to wait months or even years for clean air. It's at your fingertips and available right now!

Benefit #8: Energy-Efficient Method for Providing Clean Air Indoors.

Sometimes adding in another machine can be a problem for energy demands. Energy efficiency is critical for the health of our planet and your bank account. High energy appliances can cost a lot of money, and they can be hard on the environment. 

Portable air purifiers aren't high energy demanders; instead, they are energy efficient. Luckily, this means that indoor air quality can be accessed without causing huge spikes in energy usage.

Benefit #9: Increased Ventilation and Purification for Immunocompromised Individuals.

Finally, increased ventilation and purification are vital for individuals who are more susceptible to certain illnesses. Immunocompromised individuals and individuals with comorbidities may be in danger even when they go to work. Something as "simple" as the seasonal flu can be devastating to their immune system, causing them to fall gravely ill and miss work. It can even cause death. 

By adding in an office air purifier, you are adding in a simple technology that removes many of the air pollutants that cause these illnesses. It also means that you can increase air circulation without needing to introduce outdoor air, which could be harmful to individuals who are immunocompromised or have other illnesses.

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