Little Rock School District Reports Positive Impact On In-Person Learning After Installation of Air Purifiers in Schools

The school district worked with Sanalife, a national leader in indoor air quality solutions, for a customized and rapid implementation of high-tech air purifiers.

April 11, 2022
Last Updated On:
May 18, 2022
Last Updated On:
May 18, 2022

In October 2021, the Little Rock School District (LRSD) invested a portion of its federal COVID-19 relief funds in high-tech air purifiers to enhance safety measures and improve indoor air quality by delivering clean air throughout their district. After six months of use, Little Rock is thrilled to report that the impact of cleaner air has proven to be a highly successful COVID-19 mitigation strategy and has seen a noticeable decrease in absenteeism and a positive contribution to the health and safety of students, teachers, and staff.  

"As we developed our COVID-19 response strategy, we recognized that high-quality air filtration systems in our classrooms were of the utmost importance to maintain in-person learning," said Mr. Kelsey Bailey, Chief Deputy of Finance and Operations for Little Rock School District. "Since implementing the air purifiers, we've seen a significant decrease in absenteeism. We are thrilled that the investment has kept our students, teachers, and staff safe and in the classroom."

The Little Rock School District purchased more than 2,000 air purification units from Sanalife™, a national leader in advanced indoor air quality solutions for schools, businesses, and organizations across the United States. Sanalife partnered with LRSD to develop a customized solution and deployment strategy to ensure the most effective results. The units were hand-delivered, and the Sanalife team worked with LRSD to help install the air purifiers into classrooms within a matter of days to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff within the school district as the Delta and Omicron COVID-19 variants began to spike in the area.

"We are honored to partner with Mr. Bailey and the Little Rock School District and meet their timely needs to quickly roll out the installation of our air purifiers in all their classrooms and see such positive immediate results," said Toly Chea, Sanalife, COO. "The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced a heightened awareness of air quality among the general population and how clean indoor air directly impacts our health and the health of those around us. By implementing an indoor air quality plan that addresses airflow, filtration, and viral loads within the classroom, we have been able to ensure that students, teachers, and staff are breathing clean, healthy air. The district's own data speaks for itself. Little Rock School District is a case study for how people, process, and technology should be used together to help solve the air quality crisis in a post-COVID world."

Beyond Guardian Air Purifiers From Sanalife

The air purifiers implemented across the LRSD were Sanalife's Beyond Guardian Air, powered by ActivePure® Technology. This active purification technology creates oxidizing molecules that significantly reduce viruses, bacteria, odors, and volatile organic compounds. In unaffiliated third-party laboratory tests, ActivePure® has been proven to reduce up to 99.99% of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), Avian influenza, E. coli, MRSA, Norovirus, Staph bacteria, Candida, Swine Flu, Hepatitis, Legionella and more.

Sanalife protects over 700,000 students in over 100 school districts, colleges, and universities, as well as office buildings, government municipalities, and healthcare facilities across the nation.

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About Little Rock School District

The Little Rock School District is the state's second-largest district, serving approximately 22,000. LRSD added the new 400,000 SQF, state-of-the-art Little Rock Southwest Magnet High School to its educational fleet in 2020 with a capacity of 2,200 students. Continuing to build on that momentum, the District will soon welcome a new K-8 and new high school. LRSD has the distinction of having three national Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence; nearly 200 teachers with National Board Certification; and historically within the past decade, the most National Merit Semifinalists in the state, a record 30 in 2021. LRSD is also home to the 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year and consistently ranks among the top award recipients in STEM-related competitions and the performing/creative arts.

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