Disinfecting Droids And UV-C Robot Sanitization

How robots are revolutionizing the sanitization process in facilities management.

October 6, 2021
Last Updated On:
April 5, 2022
Last Updated On:
April 5, 2022

Creators from Isaac Asimov to George Lucas have long envisioned a world where androids are part of daily life. That is no longer limited to the science fiction realm. One of the latest advancements in biotechnology is disinfecting droids, and they will dramatically enhance how we keep our facilities clean. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, sanitization and clean air have been prioritized. The urgency in stopping the spread of viruses highlighted the need for adequate sanitation more than ever before. If you have a facility that needs to be ultra-clean and contaminant-free, you ought to consider a disinfecting droid

What Are Cleaning Robots or Disinfecting Droids?

Also known as cleaning robots, disinfecting droids comprise new technology that accomplishes a high level of cleaning and sanitization in indoor settings. 

Disinfecting droids provide air and surface disinfection via a fully autonomous robot that can move around a building. Its disinfecting properties are effective both on surfaces and in the air, removing contaminants, including viruses and bacteria. A disinfecting droid can be programmed to follow a mapped path or be remotely controlled. 

Although the technology is especially useful during the COVID pandemic as it effectively removes airborne and surface viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, it also eliminates harmful particulates such as microorganisms, bacteria, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Disinfecting droids leverage a powerful ultraviolet-C technology that uses electromagnetic radiation to kill the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and Messenger RNA (mRNA) of virus and bacteria cells. UV-C light with fewer than 290 nm wavelengths has germicidal properties and has been used for disinfection for many years. 

By placing UV-C sanitizing technology on top of a six-foot-tall, fully autonomous robot, everything (including air and surfaces) can be cleaned as the robot moves, making it faster and easier to properly clean and disinfect a room. 

Prevent Outbreaks and Illness

The COVID pandemic has also sparked the need for better, integrated cleaning products. The UV-C robot works well in office spaces, customer-facing businesses, schools, government buildings, hospitals, and even restaurants. 

The UV-C robot is good for much more than COVID-19 mitigation. As seasonal illnesses run rampant in office spaces, it only takes one infected employee to get other employees sick. That leads to more sick days and staffing shortages. Thankfully, the UV-C robots reduce the risk of virus outbreaks by 99.9%.

UVD UV-C Robot in Surgical Room.
UVD UV-C Robot Model C Disinfecting An Operating Room (Blue Ocean Robotics)

Benefits of UV-C Cleaning Robots

The UV-C cleaning robot can be set to do its job in the evening when a facility's rooms are clear of people. The robots can even move through tight spaces and cover a lot of ground within a few hours. When you run it overnight, it allows air filtration and air purifiers to work hard throughout the day to keep your air purer and your staff and customers healthier. 

The disinfecting robots are dependable, meaning you will not need staff to go around and physically clean anymore. Instead, you can program your UV-C cleaning robot for a high level of disinfection, making the process streamlined and safer, with little chance of human error that can be costly for your company. 

Benefits of UV-C Robots For Small Businesses

When it comes to small businesses, taking on more tasks—especially during stressful times— can be difficult, if not impossible. Many companies lack resources, the personnel and time to do everything that needs to be done. A small business that needs to apply a stringent cleaning method for safety and health in the workplace would benefit from a UV-C robot.  

With a UV-C robot, you no longer need to depend on extra staffing for cleaning, which is helpful if your small business cannot afford more staff or find workers. You are not alone—this is a major problem for all businesses these days.

Improved Safety for Staff and Customers

With the ongoing COVID pandemic, implementing a cleaning and sanitization schedule is important to keep your facility safe and clean, while providing peace of mind to customers and staff. With a UV-C robot operating regularly, including overnight, employees and customers will know that your business is taking steps to ensure the safety of its occupants. 

As there are some hazards of UV-C radiation, including burns and harmful ozone generation, using a robot to do the job makes perfect sense as it ensures the safety of people and prevents anyone from being exposed to the UV-C wavelengths. 

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How Should Facilities Management Use Cleaning Robots?

As a facilities manager (FM), you likely have been bombarded with promises of "efficient" ways to clean your space. Perhaps you have not tried another technology because you question its effectiveness or think you already have something good enough.

The question is, do you only want "good enough," especially for rooms that need to be extremely clean? As for effectiveness, the UV-C disinfection method has long been used in hospital settings, a place where sanitation is crucial and a top priority.

With that said, FMs should consider a cleaning droid. It can clean 269 square feet in 10 minutes or a higher setting of 5,382 square feet in 30 minutes. Since the robot can be set up to run autonomously in set locations overnight or controlled manually via remote control, FMs can easily set up this robot and then continue monitoring and maintaining it as it moves swiftly throughout your facility. 

The droid's charge only holds for two hours and requires five hours of charging time, so you cannot run one UV droid all the time. Instead, you can have multiple droids and run them at different times, managing how often the droids circulate and which rooms they clean.

How Robots Are Revolutionizing Sanitization

Disinfecting droids integrate into any facility cleaning routine, providing FMs the ability to get 99.9% disinfection quickly and efficiently. The robots are designed to deliver reliable, efficient sterilization—and that is changing the way companies manage airborne and surface contaminants.

Because a UV-C robot is a one-time investment, companies can save a significant amount of money on cleaning. The cleaning is also highly effective, enabling company owners to have peace of mind knowing their workspaces are free of viruses, bacteria, airborne mildew and mold, and other airborne microorganisms. 

Learn how to revolutionize your sanitization schedule today with a UV-C robot!

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