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Our portable air purifiers deliver a clean and sanitized output pure enough for virtually every application. These are powerful products you can use without replacing your existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system — combine them for the increased capabilities necessary to purify spaces of any size. See how we can help you improve air quality with solutions you can trust.

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In these times filled with fear and uncertainty, numerous industries are struggling to regain a sense of safety in their spaces. The combination of unforeseen closures and rapid changes in CDC guidelines has driven the need for simple viral mitigation strategies. At Sanalife, we are committed to helping your organization regain that trust with continuous air and surface protection.




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restoring trust in the air we breathe

We work with businesses and institutions all over the country to provide complete indoor air quality solutions that have helped restore the trust and wellness of their customers, students, employees, and more. Sanalife is here to help you breathe cleaner air and protect those who matter most.

The Advantages of Indoor Air Purification

Everyone can benefit from purified air, whether they are in peak physical condition or in an at-risk health category. Clean air is also good for pets and animals. Some top advantages you can gain by using the air quality solutions we offer in your business or facility include:

Virus mitigation: Our innovative air cleaning systems trap and kill viruses and harmful bacteria, helping keep people healthy and providing your employees, students, staff, or guests with added peace of mind.

Contaminant removal: The air is filled with contaminants, ranging from natural items like dust and dirt to manufactured hazards like chemicals, smoke, and pollution. Our products clean all these from the air.

Allergy reduction: With indoor air purification, people who suffer from allergies can breathe easier. Our air cleaners remove allergens like mold, pollen, pet dander, and tobacco smoke, making everyone happy.

Better productivity: Clean and healthy air makes people feel good. It energizes individuals and improves the work environment. You will also have people taking fewer sick days per year, helping you accomplish more.

Odor control: Our air purifiers contain activated carbon. This allows them to absorb and eliminate odors, including ambient odors and those produced by cooking, smoking, and various manufacturing processes.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality
Using Grants and Government Funding

At Sanalife, we make it easy to purify your environment with air quality solutions to match virtually any requirement. The federal government simplifies things even further with several funding opportunities Recent government relief set funds aside that schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, restaurants, fitness centers, and other entities can use to upgrade or replace HVAC systems.

Purified air is an essential piece of the puzzle in disease mitigation. The government knows this and provides this money without including any payback requirement. The grants are available through funding intended to help businesses and community facilities create healthy environments, protect at-risk individuals, and return to their highest occupancy limits.

Funding opportunities are available through the federal government, as well as state-specific grants. These programs are only available for a limited time. You'll want to act fast, and we can help. Let us assist you in finding the money you are eligible for, securing it for your use, and utilizing it for dependable indoor air purification.

The Sanalife Customer Experience

  • Industry-leading air purification technologies capable of providing the safest air possible.
  • Dedicated resource and subject matter experts in air quality and air purification technology.
  • A local company with nationwide reach, adding value to the communities in which we serve.
  • Affordable and portable air quality solutions for businesses, schools, and organizations of all sizes.
  • Unsurpassed service and customer experience, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Perfected operations with on-site inventory, making for fast, on-time delivery and servicing.

Our Community Commitment

Sanalife is a local company with a nationwide reach. We strive to give back and add value to the communities in which we serve. Sanalife seeks to support schools and businesses struggling to reopen safely by providing the best air purification solutions; through feasible means and donations to local organizations in need. Sanalife helps provide vital indoor air quality solutions for every community.

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What is the MERV Rating System?

Not all air filters are equal in their efficiency, effectiveness, or particles they capture. To understand how your air filtration system cleans the air, you must understand the MERV rating of the filter inside the unit. MERV, also known as “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value,” gauges what particles the filter captures from the air and its effectiveness in doing so. ASHRAE rates these air filters from MERV 1 to MERV 17.

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Muskegon Michigan Public Schools

Muskegon Public Schools had remained entirely in remote learning since August 2020. With a push to get students back into classrooms quickly, weekly fluctuating infection rates, and older, air inadequate air systems, Muskegon needed portable air purification controls to improve air quality…

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your hEPA filter may not be enough

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration isn’t a complete solution for indoor air quality. It can improve the quality of the air, but HEPA has many deficiencies. While it removes large air particles such as animal dander, dust, pollen, etc., air pollution such as viruses, bacteria, and VOCs remain.

discover the downfalls

Indoor Air Purification Technology 101

In our current climate, economizing airflow and filtration doesn’t make sense. It’s important businesses and institutions choose health. To rid the air of these harmful substances, the easiest and cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality is with a portable air purification system. We have put together a guide to help you understand the basics of portable air cleaners and how they can improve indoor air quality.

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Protect Your Space with Portable Air Purifiers

Portable air purification solutions are at the heart of what we do. Our dedicated team takes a collaborative approach to analyze the unique needs of every space. We aim to exceed expectations by delivering cutting-edge air purification technologies on time and on budget. With our team’s expertise, you can once again feel confident in the air you breathe and restore trust in the safety of your spaces.

View a list of case studies to see how we used our skills, resources, and expertise to help people like you create healthier environments in their school, business, or facility. If you would like personal assistance learning more about our products or want to request a custom quote, please message us using our form.

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