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Sanalife has worked with organizations across all industries to develop custom Portable air quality solutions unique to their indoor spaces and requirements. Our air quality specialists are here to be your dedicated resource to educate you on indoor air quality and design a custom solution to promote healthy indoor spaces. We’re here to help you create the safest indoor environment possible.

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What is the MERV Rating System?

Not all air filters are equal in their efficiency, effectiveness, or particles they capture. To understand how your air filtration system cleans the air, you must understand the MERV rating of the filter inside the unit. MERV, also known as “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value,” gauges what particles the filter captures from the air and its effectiveness in doing so. ASHRAE rates these air filters from MERV 1 to MERV 17.

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Muskegon Michigan Public Schools

Muskegon Public Schools had remained entirely in remote learning since August 2020. With a push to get students back into classrooms quickly, weekly fluctuating infection rates, and older, air inadequate air systems, Muskegon needed portable air purification controls to improve air quality…

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your hEPA filter may not be enough

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration isn’t a complete solution for indoor air quality. It can improve the quality of the air, but HEPA has many deficiencies. While it removes large air particles such as animal dander, dust, pollen, etc., air pollution such as viruses, bacteria, and VOCs remain.

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Indoor Air Purification Technology 101

In our current climate, economizing airflow and filtration doesn’t make sense. It’s important businesses and institutions choose health. To rid the air of these harmful substances, the easiest and cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality is with a portable air purification system. We have put together a guide to help you understand the basics of portable air cleaners and how they can improve indoor air quality.

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