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Our Work In Delivering Air Purification Solutions

With businesses and organizations all over the county looking to improve air quality in their buildings, Sanalife has been at the epicenter of providing air purification solutions with industry-leading technology and unsurpassed performance.  We have supported schools, businesses, and organizations nationwide in restoring trust in the air quality of their facilities. Read our success stories and discover the difference in the Sanalife customer experience.

Muskegon Michigan Public Schools

Muskegon Public Schools had remained entirely in remote learning since August 2020. With a push to get students back into classrooms quickly, weekly fluctuating infection rates, and older, air inadequate air systems, Muskegon needed portable air purification controls to improve air quality…

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Boston Sword & Tuna (BST)

With BST's state-of-the-art 50,000 sq. ft. facility at the heart of their company, it was imperative to continue safe operation during the ongoing pandemic. Despite comprehensive mitigation protocols already in place, BST's HR Director Nick Francescucci felt an extra layer of protection was necessary to reduce COVID's high airborne transmission risk.

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Tyngsborough Massachusetts Public Schools

For mid-size towns such as Tyngsborough, MA, a return to in-person learning was dependent on ensuring the safety of students and staff. Tyngsborough's Superintendent, Dr. Michael Flanagan, knew that these changes would require extensive research to determine effective and unobtrusive viral mitigation solutions.

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Bishop Guertin High School

With impeeding operational changes to remain open during COVID-19, Bishop Guertin High School needed Sanalife to help keep their community on the path and continue their collective learning mission together safely in one place...

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Belmont Manor Nursing Home

Sanalife helped premier assisted living facility Belmont Manor customize a comprehensive portable air cleaner solution to increase airflow and ensure patients, families, and staff's continued safety...

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Kyle Brown Performance

When the pandemic first hit in early 2020, Kyle Brown Performance was still a newly opened facility. Kyle Brown quickly pivoted his fitness business to online training but knew that eventually, he would need to find a solution to keep his clients and staff safe…

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Local Daycare In Greater Boston

After a leading childcare facility reopened following three months of closure due to Massachusetts-mandated pandemic restrictions, owner Christine made extensive PPE changes to her academic program. However, Christine knew she needed to implement air purification protection to ensure staff, students, and parents remained safe...

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Chelsea Massachusetts School District

As the COVID-19 pandemic intensified, the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts became one of the most disproportionally affected communities in the state. With higher than normal infection rates Chelsea needed to take additional precautions to keep students safe. Sanalife got to work right away to design a custom solution to help Chelsea stop the spread…

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