your HEPA Filter May Not Be Enough

The Disadvantages of Standard HEPA Filtration

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems are not a complete solution for appropriately cleaning the air to improve indoor air quality. While it can remove some airborne particulate, standard HEPA filters are not capable of removing some of the most airborne contaminants. While HEPA can remove large air particles such as animal dander, dust, pollen, and more, other common air pollution such as viruses, bacteria, and VOCs remain in the air. Learn more about standard HEPA filtration technology below.

stage 1 of 2: pre-filter

Blue Pre-Filter Icon.

pre-filter captures large debris before going through main filtration media(s)

Blue Large Debris Icon.

large airborne debirs

Negative Ionization & Pre-Filter Stage of Five Stage Air Filtration.

stage 2 of 2: standard HEPA filter

HEPA Stage of 5-Stage Air Purifiers Icon.

fiber-glass or polypropylene filter designed to trap at least 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in size

Blue Bacteria Icon.

bacteria & mold spores (airborne particles only)

Blue Virus Icon.

viruses (only airborne viral particles)

Blue Pollen Icon.

pollen, allergens, dust, & dust mites

Second Stage of Multi Stage Filtration.

contaminants Traditional 2-stage HEPA Leaves Behind

Standard HEPA filtration can filter large debris and some particulate from the air. While its filtration technology can improve air quality and reduce airborne contaminants. Viruses, Bacteria, VOCs, Smoke, and Gases require additional levels of filtration and purification technology to be removed from the air.

Virus Icons Blue.


Viruses (Surface & Airborne Viral Particles; Flu, RNA, & DNA)
Bacteria Icon Blue.


Bacteria, Mildew, & Mold Spores (Surface & Airborne)
Odors & Gases Icon Blue.

smoke & Gases

Ambient odors, smoke,
& harmful gases
VOCs Blue Icon.


VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

When You Need More Than HEPA Filtration

Portable HEPA Filtration Systems like our Guardian Angel air purifier is a great way to start improving your air quality indoors. To bring your viral mitigation protocols to the next level and protect against airborne transmission of COVID-19, 5-Stages of filtration and ActivePure® Technology will get you there. Learn more about our 5-Stages of powerful air purification featuring ActivePure® Technology.

Negative Ionization & Pre-Filter

Activated Carbon Filter/Stage

High Quality
HEPA Filter


ActivePure® Technology

Five Stages of Air Filtration From Negative Ionization to ActivePure® Technology.
Explore Our multi-stage Technology
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