UVD Robot Model C

The UVD Robot is a fully autonomous system capable of delivering fast, chemical-free, hospital-grade air and surface disinfection. Our robot was designed to disinfect large areas such as healthcare facilities, offices, hotels, airports, cruise ships, shopping malls, grocery stores, small businesses, and more. The Model C is agile and easily integrates into any facility cleaning routine and can be used without any previous infection control knowledge. With our UV-C Robot disinfecting your facility has never been easier.

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2 hours of operation on 
a full charge 

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Autonomous or remotely controlled 

Charging Icon.

5 hours charging time to 100% charge (wireless charging) 

Connectivity Icon.

Two-way wireless connectivity
(Wi-Fi Based)

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Coverage up to 150,000 sq. ft.
of disinfection area 

Safety Icon.

Perimeter safety, built-in PIR sensors, leg detection 

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10 minutes for 269 sq. ft.
30 minutes for 5,382 sq. ft.

Mapping Icon.

20 minutes setup per room
(avg. mapping) 

Lifespan Icon.

UV-C lamp lifespan up to 12,000 hours (avg. 4 disinfections per day for 10 years) 

Wavelength Icon.

UV-C wavelength 254nm

The Benefits of Using UV Light Disinfection
Robots In Your Office & Business

As UV-C disinfection continues to evolve, more and more companies are choosing to implement these technologies into their corporate offices and commercial spaces. UVD robots are designed to deliver reliable, efficient sterilization that's changing the way companies manage airborne and surface contaminants.

When you invest in UV light sanitizer robots for your workplace, you'll experience significant benefits that will help your company save money, remain healthy and gain peace of mind.

Improved Staff and Customer Safety

UV light disinfection robots are ideal for cultivating clean, healthy environments that help employees, visitors and consumers feel safe. These UV-C technologies purify all surrounding air and surface contamination, eliminating harmful particulates like microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Streamlined Disinfection Processes

Your small business might enforce stringent cleaning methods and best practices for health and safety in the workplace. Still, these processes are vulnerable to human error — and they can cost your company intensive time and effort.

With UVD robots, you don't have to depend on staffing resources or company time to deliver the deep clean you need. Plus, UV light sanitizers provide highly dependable performance that doesn't rely on manual interaction.

Enhanced Outbreak Prevention

Seasonal spreads of illnesses, viruses and diseases can greatly inhibit small businesses. Infected employees will need to take sick leave from work, and staff shortages can affect your company's income. UV-C robots minimize the risks of workplace outbreaks by eliminating 99.9% of pathogens, creating a clean, contaminant-free environment and saving businesses money.

Why Choose Sanalife For UV Light Sanitizers?

At Sanalife, we create top-of-the-line UV robots and other advanced filtration products while assisting customers with our unique consultative and collaborative service approach. Our products are optimized for maximum performance and minimal maintenance, and they're safe for use around adults, pets and children.

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Coverage up to 150,000 sq. ft.
2 hour battery life
Weighs 264.5 lbs (120 kg)
70" H x 21.5" W x 29.5" D
(178 cm x 55 cm x 75 cm)
Product Identification
Manufacturer: Blue Ocean Robotics
Model: 3rd Generation "Model C"