Smart Dispense Pro

Advanced Hand Sanitizer Station

Smart Dispense Pro.

The Smart Dispense Pro is an all-in-one, high-capacity hand sanitization station with an advanced temperature scanner. With cloud connectivity, badge scanner, and identity management, tracking and monitoring temperatures is easy and manageable. Our systems can dispense up to 6,000 times and use any sanitizer brand that comes in a standard 1-gallon bottle. With the Smart Dispense Pro, manual and inefficient processes are a thing of the past. At Sanalife, we're committed to developing high-efficiency purification systems. Our touchless dispensers bring health, cleanliness and safety to the forefront of any commercial facility. We make procuring top-of-the-line sanitization technology easier than ever with our ample on-site inventory and exceptional customer service.

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6,000 dispenses for every
1 gallon bottle 

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Compatible with all hand sanitizer types; gel, foam, or liquid based 

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30 day long-lasting
rechargeable battery 

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Precision pump provides the perfect amount of sanitizer without clogging 

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Built-in & accurate wrist temperature scanner 

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Wi-Fi connectivity with easy to use mobile companion application 

Smart Dispense Pro Hand Sanitation Station.
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Real-time usage, temperature reporting, and refill alerts 

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Lockable storage to prevent tampering or theft of hand sanitizer 

How Do Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Work?

Our touchless dispensers are designed to provide next-level hand sanitizer delivery with reliable, user-friendly function that far exceeds the abilities of standard manual dispensers. These no-touch automated devices are ergonomic and precise, exhibiting cutting-edge operation in only four simple steps:

  1. Hand placement: To use the Smart Dispense Pro, all you have to do is place your hand within the wrist scanner, which comprises a spacious loop-shaped construction designed to accommodate any user.
  2. Wrist scanning: Once your hand is positioned within the touchless scanner, the medical-grade system will examine your wrist to determine a body location that will provide the most accurate temperature reading.
  3. Temperature notification: If your wrist temperature falls within the safe zone, the dispenser will alert you using a green notification light. A red notification indicates the need for further screening.
  4. Sanitizer delivery: After the system confirms that your temperature is within an acceptable range, it will measure and dispense the hand sanitizer into your palm with exacting precision.

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Why Use High-Capacity Hand Sanitizer Dispensers?

Investing in automatic hand sanitizer dispensers for your office, school, restaurant, health care facility or retail establishment means enjoying all the advantages of these innovative systems, including:

Smart Dispense Pro Specifications

6,000 dispenses per 1 gallon
30 day battery life
Weighs 264.5 lbs (120 kg)
70" H x 21.5" W x 29.5" D
(178 cm x 55 cm x 75 cm)
Product Identification
Manufacturer: IntelliStart / Sanalife
Model: Smart Dispense Pro