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The Pure & Clean portable air purifier produces clean air and sanitizes surfaces. Our newly designed 4-Stage True HEPA Filtration process featuring ActivePure® Technology. The Pure & Clean has been proven to reduce 99.96% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 viral particles (the virus that causes COVID-19) within 3 minutes.*

*Results are based on testing conducted at UTMB BSL Level 3 Lab with assistance from BSL Level 4 Lab, complying with FDA protocols in a FDA Certified Compliant Laboratory (Aerus Pure & Clean).

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True Filter Captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in size

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ActivePure® Technology provides real-time protection against airborne & surface contaminants

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Activated Carbon Stage/Filter eliminates odors and protects against harmful VOCs and gases

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Negative ionization attracts air particulate & clumps them together for easier capture during the filtration process.

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60 cubic feet per minute
(5-Speed Brushless Motor)

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Certified by The California Air Resources Board (Model A1040A)

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Air Purification For All Industries

Our air purification systems were built for versatility, efficiency and can be easily combined to create the perfect custom solution for any space, facility, and industry. Our powerful multi-stage purification system using ActivePure® Technology can be used in any space and all industries. Below are some of our most common industries.

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Businesses (Large, Small, Corporate)

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Hospitals & Assisted Living Facilities

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Public K-12 Schools, Private Schools, & Universities

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Gyms, Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, & Sports Facilities

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Government Facilities, Court Houses

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Museums, Theaters, & Performance Venues

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Making Every
Indoor Space Safer.

ActivePure® Technology is an active purification technology that puts back into the air the same therapeutic molecules that make our outdoor air safe – molecules that actively neutralize pathogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they enter the space. ActivePure® provides a layer of protection that reduces airborne and surface pathogens quickly and effectively.

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Prepare For Combat Against Viruses & Pathogens

We’re in a war against COVID-19, and the odds have not been in our favor. Portable air purification systems are a great way to enhance your arsenal of sanitization protocols to protect against harmful viruses and pathogens. Learn more about Sanalife’s 4-Stages of powerful air purification using ActivePure® Technology and prepare yourself for combat.

Negative Ionization & Pre-Filter
Activated Carbon Filter/Stage
High Quality
HEPA Filter
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Proven. Safe. Effective.

Backed By Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

ActivePure® Technology generates potent oxidizing molecules that significantly diminish viruses, bacteria, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air and surfaces. The application of ActivePure® should complement existing CDC and regulatory guidelines for sanitization and disinfection and not replace them. Choose a solution whose track record is supported by exhaustive testing in FDA-Compliant and third-party laboratories. Learn more about our safety, testing, and proven efficacy.

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60 CFM

Power Consumption
23 to 80 Watts

Noise Levels
35 dB(A) to 55 dB(A)
Weighs 7.6 lbs (3.45 kg)
11.75" H x 9.5" W x 10" D
(29.8 cm x 24.1 cm x 25.4 cm)

Product Identification
Model A1040A
SKU 00746