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Disinfection And Sanitization

Air Purification For All Industries

Today, air purifiers utilize high-quality filtration processes and modern-day technology solutions for real-time air and surface protection. Many industries have recently introduced increased air filtration into their routines to navigate the residual impact of COVID-19 and continued that approach to keep people healthy. Some of these industries include:

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Education (Private Schools, Public K-12 Schools, Universities, & Colleges)

From day cares and preschools to colleges and universities, schools aim to protect students and staff. These crowded spaces require air purifiers to slow the spread of germs.

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Businesses (Office Spaces, Work spaces, Conference Rooms, & Break Rooms)

Businesses want to ensure their workspaces are safe and employees feel safe returning to the office. In addition to viral particulate in the air, harmful contaminants can impact air quality, resulting in reduced productivity and illness.

Industry Icon Healthcare.

Health Care (Doctor's offices, hospitals, assisted Living Facilities)

Hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities need to ensure the well-being of their patients and providers. In these areas, air purifiers provide air and surface protection from bodily fluids and other particles.

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Hospitality (Restaurants, Food Service, Hotels, Accommodations)

Fast food chains, family-owned diners and other restaurants can also get crowded. Air purifiers reduce unpleasant smells from the kitchen and destroy pollutants from customers' shoes.

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Making Every
Indoor Space Safer.

ActivePure® Technology is an active purification technology that puts back into the air the same therapeutic molecules that make our outdoor air safe – molecules that actively neutralize pathogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they enter the space. ActivePure® provides a layer of protection that reduces airborne and surface pathogens quickly and effectively.

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What Are The Benefits of Air Purification?

While air purifiers have been around for a long time, recent developments in technology have advanced their capabilities. The benefits of updated modern air purifiers include:

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Removing Airborne Contaminants, Pathogens, & Pollutants

Air purifiers pull in bacteria, pollen, pet hair and other allergens and toxins. They push out clean air after trapping those particles inside filters. This approach captures particles effectively and efficiently, ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 microns.

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Providing Compact, Portable, & Versatile Solutions

While space can be limited, technology is limitless. Air purifiers fit in various spaces, from small areas such as cars and classrooms to large rooms like gyms or offices. Regardless of the space, there is an option for real-time air and surface protection.

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Operating Continuously With Replaceable Filters

While our systems run continuously, their High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters only need to be changed once a year. This constant cycle can provide you with the peace of mind that particles are being taken out of circulation several times an hour.

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Working In a large Room & Other Indoor Spaces

Different air purification systems work better depending on the size of the room. To determine whether you have a small or large room, look at our options based on the square footage of the space. For example, these spaces will benefit from models such as the AP500 or QuietPure Whisper.

The Only Blueprint For IAQ

Improving your indoor air quality has never been easier. Fully customizable and scalable in design, our air purification systems can cover any space. Explore our high-quality and advanced HVAC Induct and portable air purification solutions.

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