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Sanalife commercial air purifier systems are the solution your business needs to promote a clean environment. These products are the simple and ideal solution for removing harmful pathogens, dangerous contaminants, unwelcome odors, and more from the air. They are also portable and modular, making them suitable for your property no matter your industry or the size of your space.

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Restaurants, Bars, & Breweries

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Do You have Portable Air Purifiers Installed In Your business?

Our portable air purifier systems provide robust air and surface protection. Sanalife’s air purifiers are capable of reducing airborne contaminants and viral particulate. Having one of our air purification solutions provides an additional layer of protection to your existing risk mitigation controls.

Take Advantage of Grant Money for Air Purification

The government encourages businesses to improve workplace  indoor environments using air purifiers. They've made it easier to achieve this through the recent CARES Act, CRRSA Act, and American Rescue Plan.

These bills set grant money aside that you can take advantage of to upgrade your business's air quality. Our team can help you navigate the process to determine if your business is eligible for grant money and assist you in applying for the programs.

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Uncertain which solution is right for your business, school, or facility? We'll work with you to design the appropriate air quality and disinfection solution that's right for your business or school.

Mitigate Risk By Protecting Staff & Customers

One of the most critical indicators of a clean indoor environment is air quality. As businesses reopen and move towards full capacity, administrative staff must work overtime to ensure the appropriate control measures and COVID-19 mitigation strategies are in place. Below are some of the CDC's recommended reopening guidelines and risk controls. Additionally, portable air filtration systems can add another layer of protection to improve air quality and help keep your employees and customer safe.

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Following CDC & local reopening guidelines

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Installing barriers, Protective Shields or acrylic dividers

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Rearranging Spaces & Layouts To Meet Social Distancing Protocols

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Increasing ventilation (outdoor air) & filtration

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Rigorous cleaning & sanitization protocols

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Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Why Upgrade to an Air Purifier?

Providing clean and odorless air with an air purifier is something businesses should consider at all times, even without an active health crisis. These products are significant improvements over the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters used in your building's built-in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. For example, standard HVAC filters capture about 80% of particulate matter. Ours will capture over 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns in size.

This added air-cleaning capability means our portable products will capture much more from the air than just dust, pet dander, and floating debris. The five-stage process they use for purification will also trap and neutralize a wide range of additional airborne health hazards, including mold spores, pollen, smoke, gasses, bacteria, and viruses. They will also trap odors. You can use them virtually anywhere you want to breathe better air, including a building, basement, bus, or car.

Filtration to this degree provides significant advantages for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including:

Comfortable guests: Using commercial air purification for restaurants, gyms, and other small businesses will help customers, members, and guests feel safe about coming in. They'll know you care about their health and safety, and they'll enjoy a better experience free from unpleasant smoke and odors.

Healthier employees: Many employees spend hours per day inside, where pollution and pathogens become trapped. Air cleaning systems for your small business will help prevent pathogen exposure, leading to higher productivity, fewer sick days, and a happier workforce.

Regulatory compliance: As the world adjusts to reopening, businesses must comply with strict federal and state health requirements. Our air purifiers for restaurants, gyms, offices, and small businesses help you meet and exceed these requirements, so you can open your doors and achieve the highest capacity.

Protect Your Space with Portable Air Purifiers

Portable air purifier solutions are at the heart of what we do. Our dedicated team takes a collaborative approach to analyze the unique needs of every space. We aim to exceed expectations by delivering cutting-edge air purification technologies on time and on budget. With our team’s expertise, you can once again feel confident in the air you breathe and restore trust in the safety of your spaces.

Browse our collection of case studies to see how other businesses and facilities use our products to purify their air. If you would like to request a quote or get more information about improving air safety at restaurants, gyms, offices, and small businesses using our products, please message us through our form.

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