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the challenge

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected numerous businesses across the states. Still, the resiliency of The Flying Goose proves that local businesses can return to a state of operation with the strength of their community and a little bit of hope. Seemingly overnight, the well-known Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille located in New London, NH, was forced to shutter their doors without any timeline for reopening. For the Flying Goose's team, this was a moment of significant loss and uncertainty as they had to lay off around 40 long-time employees. Once The Flying Goose could reopen, their loyal staff was eager to return. However, with the unknowns and risks of viral transmission, employees were concerned about their safety, especially with families at home. Therefore, owner Tom Mills and his team needed to ensure the health of their staff and committed patrons. Through community support and guidance by the government, The Flying Goose offered clear communication on their new safety and service protocols. Before reopening their full sit-down service, The Flying Goose continued to provide take-out and bottle service amongst imposed restrictions.

our solution

For Mills, restoring peace of mind for his patrons and staff was a vital part of The Flying Goose's reopening strategy. Therefore, after seeing Sanalife's partnership with other local establishments, Mill's reach out to Sanalife's team of sanitization specialists. Amongst Sanalife's diverse solutions, our robust air purification systems appealed directly to the functions and needs of The Flying Goose's facility. To help Mills and his team determine the right air purification solution for optimal protection, Sanalife conducted an on-site assessment. During the visit, The Flying Goose's dedicated specialist demonstrated our high-coverage system's functions, features, and capabilities. From the demonstration, Mills observed how implementing air purification controls could help with viral mitigation and restore trust in the indoor dining experience.

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After determining the right air purification system for The Flying Goose, Mills and his dedicated specialist began developing a strategy for delivery and implementation. Amongst all the capabilities and benefits of Sanalife's air purification systems, Mills and his team choose our indoor air quality solutions for the following reasons:

the outcome

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While the local New Hampshire economy was still recovering from the global COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, The Flying Goose now had the confidence to reopen its doors fully. By implementing air purification systems indoors, The Flying Goose could now operate safely at higher seating capacities and remain prepared for when they can once again offer their concert series. Working in conjunction with The Flying Goose's safety protocols and precautions in place, Sanalife's real-time air and surface pathogen defense helped reduce fear around viral transmission. The first night that The Flying Goose opened with Sanalife's purification system, Mills and his team immediately noticed a difference in the air. The air smelled and felt cleaner, and you could tell that the purification system was continuously purifying the spaces. Even some of Mill's staff noted the significant difference in air quality and the restaurant's overall indoor environment.

These immediate results made the team excited to point out the air purification systems to customers and communicate their function in continuously improving air quality to provide a safer indoor dining experience. By instilling trust once again with customers, Sanalife provided The Flying Goose's team with an opportunity to give thanks to their supportive community. Now with the reassurance and safety in mind from Sanalife's partnership, more local patrons and families could consider dining out to support the community staple that is The Flying Goose.

About The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille

The Flying Goose is owned and operated by Tom Mills, who first opened its doors in 1993, although back then, it was known as The Four Corners Grille. The Flying Goose found its unique identity as a micro-brewery in 1996. The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille is a casual, family-friendly restaurant and brewery now managed by his three kids Brett, Jordan, and Brianna. The Flying Goose focuses on sourcing locally as much as possible. They became New Hampshire's first solar-powered brewery in 2011 and continue to find ways to use clean energy as a sustainable business. Their goal is to provide a welcoming environment to all those who walk through its doors. Whether for a quick bite, a cold brew, or a place for family and friends to gather, The Flying Goose extends their "home" to you.

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