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the challenge

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Muskegon, Michigan, like many school districts, has experienced unprecedented challenges. With a continued push to get back to in-class learning by March 2021 and infection rates fluctuating weekly, the city school system needed to take extra safety precautions to prevent future outbreaks. Most Michigan school districts had offered a hybrid learning option to limit class size and stay open; however, many of the larger school districts, including Muskegon, had remained entirely virtual since August. The Michigan Department of Health's infection control measures included self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms and guidelines for improving air ventilation in school facilities. However, these guidelines were more challenging to accommodate for Muskegon. Most of the school buildings in Muskegon Public Schools had outdated, inadequate air ventilation systems, making proper air ventilation unobtainable. "The air circulation is not what would I say equal to what the new (HVAC) systems are," stated Superintendent Matthew Cortez. For Superintendent Cortez, this lack of proper ventilation proved to arouse concern stating, "Since the cycle of air inside the buildings is delayed, and this being an airborne virus, those two things don't go hand in hand."

our solution

To help Muskegon Public Schools in their efforts to reopen, one of our Indoor Air Quality Specialists, Stephen, reached out to Muskegon's COO, John Snyder. As Chief Operating Officer, Snyder has numerous school facilities under his care and was especially concerned about its athletic departments. Muskegon is proud of its excellent athletic programs, and with the facilities not in use, it was frustrating to the community. Parents were concerned and deeply torn between bringing sports back and keeping their students safe. Therefore, Snyder worked with Stephen and the Sanalife team to help implement air purification controls. Stephen collaborated with Snyder to determine the optimal air purifiers for each space, providing the best protection against airborne bacteria and viral particulate. Muskegon chose to implement our compact 5-Stage portable air cleaner alongside our high-coverage air and surface purification system. The combination of air exchanges and advanced disinfection technologies helped provide continuous air quality improvements.

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the outcome

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For Snyder, the portability and ease of use of our air purifiers made moving them throughout the buildings a simple process. Snyder and his team were also impressed by the extensive research backing our advanced air-cleaning technologies' effectiveness. For the Muskegon community, this created much-needed peace of mind for the staff, parents, and students returning to eventual in-person learning. Snyder was delighted with Muskegon's partnership with Sanalife due to Stephen's attention to detail, responsiveness, and outstanding customer service. Snyder appreciated Stephen's continued advocation on the backend for a quick turnaround time as well as real-time shipment and delivery updates. Being inundated with district operations, Snyder enjoyed this streamlined process of not being overwhelmed with calls and emails. Once delivered and unpacked, our air purifiers purified and sanitized the air providing robust air exchanges while removing over 99.97% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. These air purifiers allowed for improved air quality in the largest multigrade school building, including individual wings for high school and junior high. All of this and an exceptional one-to-one collaboration helped make the Sanalife difference.

About Muskegon Michigan Public Schools

Muskegon Public School District is a unique and dynamic family of institutions. Muskegon is dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive educational, social, and cultural opportunities to enable a diverse community of all ages, interests, and abilities. Through a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, Muskegon is committed to developing individuals who can thrive and positively contribute to society.

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