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the challenge

After being closed for over three months due to mandated pandemic restrictions, most Massachusetts daycare and childcare facilities could only reopen under strict new guidelines. Locate just outside of Boston, MA, a leading preschool (one of few daycare facilities allowed to reopen early) was only able to due to extensive operational changes. Owner Christine was happy to adjust her facility operations to accommodate new health and safety guidelines. Christine immediately launched a comprehensive cleaning protocol, enhanced parental communications, and an overhauled administrative plan. These changes put both parents and staff at ease with the daycare while still providing a fun and enriching day for the children.

our solution

Despite these new protocols, Christine felt she needed to take additional viral mitigation measures to protect her precious 'clients' ranging in age from 3 months and up. For Christine, that extra layer of protection was to implement air purification protocols to help reduce potential viral spread. To determine the best air purifier for her daycare, Christine reached out to Sanalife to customize a solution. Based on the unique space and the need for continuous air exchanges, our Indoor Air Quality team recommended our compact 5-Stage system. The combination of both air and surface purification ensured continuous protection from 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.1 microns.

the outcome

Since the nature of daycare is highly interactive and hands-on, PPE-protected staff often maintain close contact while constantly sanitizing themselves, the children, and the facility. However, with Christine's daycare facility now continuously protected from air and surface contaminants, the staff and school parents regained peace of mind knowing the children were safe. With Sanalife's air purifiers helping reduce potential viral transmission, Christine's daycare began to see an increase in enrollment. Today, Christine's staff continues to serve their families by providing the children days of enriching crafts, activities, and tasty snacks.

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