Boston Sword & Tuna (BST)

Success Story - Seafood Distributor

the challenge

Aerial View Inside of Boston Sword & Tuna Seafood Distributor.

Boston Sword & Tuna (BST), located in MA, is a family-owned and operated seafood distributor. Over the years, BST has built an outstanding team of well-rounded professionals to help the company succeed and survive the challenging seafood industry. As one of the largest and reliable distributors in the nation, BST prides itself on maintaining SQF Certification and food safety. With BST's state-of-the-art 50,000 sq. ft. facility at the heart of their company, it was imperative to continue safe operation during the ongoing pandemic. With comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation protocols in place, BST has continued to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. However, with COVID's high airborne transmission risk, BST's HR Director Nick Francescucci felt an extra layer of protection was necessary. As a solution, Nick proposed the implementation of air purification controls. To help overcome any skepticism, Nick enlisted the help of Sanalife's Lead Indoor Air Quality Specialist, Chris, to educate the BST team on air cleaning technologies. Impressed by Sanalife's efficacy testing and multi-stage air purification technologies, the BST team booked a customized on-site assessment with Chris.

our solution

During the on-site assessment, Chris demonstrated each air purifier's capabilities and performance. After determining the best systems to meet their facility's diverse requirements, Chris collaborated with BST to build a unique 'bundle' of Sanalife's systems. As per the recommendation, BST implemented Sanalife's high-coverage 3-Stage air purifier to protect the sprawling facility. For medium to small enclosed spaces, BST then implemented Sanalife's compact 5-Stage system. In addition, BST installed Sanalife's mobile air purification devices inside their transport vehicles to provide protection even on the go. This combination of continuous air exchanges, high-quality filtration media, and disinfection technologies provided BST with an extra layer of viral mitigation.

Air Purifiers Inside Boston Sword & Tuna Site.

the outcome

Warehouse Shelves in Boston Sword & Tuna Facility.

With BST's facilities protected from 99.97% of airborne viruses and contaminants, their team was pleased by Chris's customized air quality solutions and Sanalife's advanced products. When Sanalife's quality assurance team reached out to Nick, he was ecstatic to share his experience with Sanalife. Nick praised Chris for being "very proactive, and knowledgable" as well as for conducting his on-site visit "in the safest manner." Nick told us that BST's team "felt the air quality improvement" promptly after the air systems arrived, stating that the air even "felt lighter" than before. Nick and the BST team continue to appreciate the "critical safety improvements" Sanalife's air purifiers have provided against viruses, odors, and VOCs.

About Boston Sword & Tuna (BST)

Founded in 2003 by Michael Scola and Time Malley, BST is a true "One-Stop-Shop" for all seafood products.  BST, located in Boston, operates out of a state-of-the-art 50,000 sq/ft SQF Certified facility. With over 49 years of combined experience, BST has established long-lasting relationships locally and worldwide to provide the best quality seafood on the market. As one of the nation's top seafood distributors, BST has quickly grown to become the most prominent and most reliable vendor in the seafood industry.

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