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the challenge

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Bishop Guertin prides itself on being more than a school. Bishop Guertin is a community of genuine, caring people who feel like family and a place where everyone belongs. Since 1963, nearly 9,000 students have walked down the school halls, the heartbeat of the school. Naturally, Ron Cote, Dean of Students, and the school's staff wanted to keep the students safely in school, and the plan was to reopen in August 2020. The school began researching air purification controls as an added preventative measure to its comprehensive safety protocols for reopening. Bishop Guertin had already upgraded air conditioning units connected to central HVAC systems with MERV filtration but still needed high-quality air purification units for many rooms to increase air exchanges.

our solution

Our knowledgeable Sanalife Indoor Air Quality Specialist, Jerry, connected with Dean Cote, and together they collaborated to develop the best portable air purification controls for Bishop Guertin. Cote was happy to share his experience working with Sanalife, stating, "We chose Sanalife after having done the research and discovering the science and technology behind their products to be our ideal solution in outfitting classrooms, conference rooms, and offices with air purification allowing us to keep functioning in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic." Based on each learning environment's unique needs, Jerry worked directly with Cote to implement state-of-the-art air filtration technologies to eradicate airborne viral particulate and support the older HVAC systems to improve air quality. Cote was pleased with Bishop Guertin's partnership with Sanalife due to Jerry's attention to detail, responsiveness, and outstanding customer service. Cote told Sanalife, "Our systems have been running since mid-August 2020 with little to no downtime; they even run 24/7 to keep the air in our school as clean as possible. We have confidence that Sanalife's air purification units are working as promised."

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the outcome

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"We can keep both students and adults coming into our school with peace of mind. We know that Sanalife is a big part of our success in keeping our community healthy." Dean Cote added, "The Sanalife customer experience was excellent. Jerry was very responsive and delivered units to us on multiple occasions, sometimes the same day if they were readily available. Sanalife was also very helpful when one of our over 50 units needed maintenance; they issued a shipping label, had the unit serviced, and returned in no time." Once placed throughout Bishop Guertin's facilities, our portable air purifiers immediately eradicated over 99.97% of airborne viral particles as small as 0.3 microns, making all school areas safe and healthy for their community. Sanalife helped bring Bishop Guertin's community back together to continue its collective mission to learn, teach, share, work, give, and grow. At Sanalife, our mission is to help restore trust in the safety of spaces vital to our communities by providing clean air solutions. Our team is dedicated to supporting each of our customers from initial contact, customization, delivery, and service.

About Bishop Guertin High School

Bishop Guertin is more than a school. It's a community of genuine, caring people who feel like family. It's the energy and enthusiasm of our vibrant campus—a sanctuary where everyone belongs. It's a place to dig deep, try new things, discover new passions, and have fun. It's the opportunity to experience whole-person formation to expand your worldview and express your best self in the classroom, in clubs and activities, on the playing field, and in service to others. It's the trusted advisors and mentors who make it their mission to help you prepare for the rigors of college. But mostly, it's the heartfelt relationships and life-changing moments that will shape who you will become.

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