Belmont Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Success Story - Assisted Living Facility

the challenge

Medical Professional and Elderly Woman Talking in Nursing Home.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been hard hit with COVID-19 cases and closed to visitors. For almost a year, families nationwide were forced to see their loved ones by video or through a window, as these facilities closed to prevent viral spread.  Assisted living facility directors were forced to revise their operational strategies and implement new preventative measures. These facilities have implemented increased testing, PPE protocols and changed clinical practices to protect their residents from contracting coronavirus. For healthcare facilities, portable air purification controls are vital to improving indoor air quality and reducing viral transmission. Sanalife has been working closely with medical and assisted living facilities across the nation, providing them with much-needed air purification protection. Belmont Manor, one of Massachusetts's premier assisted living facilities, contacted Sanalife for an air purification assessment. Stewart Karger, Administrator of Belmont Manor, felt residents needed portable air cleaners to increase airflow and ensure patients, families, and staff's continued safety.

our solution

Karger connected with one of our Indoor Air Quality Specialists, Khristin to determine his facility's optimal air quality solution. For Karger, Khristin was the perfect specialist to collaborate with due to her prior experience working in skilled nursing facilities. This combined expertise allowed Khristin to understand each space's unique demands to provide a comprehensive recommendation for air purification controls. Karger overwhelmingly chose Sanalife's premier 5-Stage air purifiers to provide absolute air and surface protection in every location. Shortly after Karger placed his order and unpacked the plug-and-play systems, Sanalife's portable air cleaners immediately sanitized the surrounding air and surfaces. Inside Belmont Manor's facilities, our 5-Stage technology began providing robust air exchanges while removing over 99.97% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns.

Inside Belmont Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

the outcome

Delivery Being Made to Belmont Manor Nursing Home.

Delighted by the rapidly improving air quality, Stewart told us, "After extensively researching air purifiers, Sanalife's high-quality products are the best we've found and one of many things we are doing to keep our facilities, staff, and patients COVID-19 free! Your products are a welcome addition to our checklist of precautions to remain safe." When Karger reached out to order additional air purifiers, Khristin personally assisted in the fulfillment process to ensure on-time delivery. Khristin and the Sanalife Team are incredibly pleased to have partnered with Karger to provide Belmont Manor with portable air cleaners. For Belmont Manor, this added layer of protection will continue to help provide peace of mind to its residents and staff. At Sanalife, our mission is to help restore trust in the safety of spaces vital to our communities by providing clean air solutions. Our team is dedicated to supporting each of our clients from initial contact, customization, delivery, and service.

About Belmont Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Belmont Manor is a 135 bed, family-owned and operated Skilled Nursing Facility. Belmont Manor has provided excellent, patient-centered, short and long-term care since 1967. The Karger family has over 88 combined years of experience serving families in the community and beyond. Belmont Manor's mission is to be a community leader in providing quality-driven post-acute and long-term care services

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