UVD Robots Deploys Nation‚ Largest Fleet of Autonomous Disinfection Robots To Gallup McKinley School District

In partnership with UVD Robots, Gallup McKinley School District uses UV-C disinfection robots to help bring students back to in-person learning.

March 26, 2021
Last Updated On:
May 25, 2022
Last Updated On:
May 25, 2022

Blue Ocean Robotics, the manufacturer of the autonomous disinfecting robot UVD Robots, which is equipped with UV-C light, announced today that it was selected by the Gallup McKinley County Schools (GMCS) in New Mexico to supply 37 of its robots to 34 schools, two administrative buildings and one warehouse to help fight against the Coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

”COVID has taken an extraordinary toll on our community. The safety of our students and staff and developing a plan to bring them all back to school as quickly and safely as possible is our primary concern,” said Gallup McKinley Superintendent Michael Hyatt. “We wanted a larger, longer-term disinfection solution, adding a layer of protection that would disinfect the surfaces and the air in our buildings and help fight COVID, colds, flu and infectious diseases for years to come.”

UVD UV-C Disinfection Robot Navigating Gallup McKinley School Hallway
Gallup McKinley County Schools, New Mexico, Student Support Center

GMCS is one of the largest geographical school districts in New Mexico, covering a community with many rural areas facing infrastructure issues that make virtual learning a challenge for numerous students; many experience internet connection issues and approximately 1,500 students have no internet at home. 

The district also educates many special education students who learn better in the classroom, making a quick return to school of the utmost importance.

“Unlike stationary disinfection robots, the UVD Robot is a mobile, fully autonomous robot. It integrates UV-C light to disinfect against viruses and bacteria on surfaces and the air, killing 99.99 percent of bacteria and microorganisms within approximately 10 minutes in every room it disinfects,” said Claus Risager, CEO at Blue Ocean Robotics. The company was recently included in Fast Company’s Top 10 ‘Most Innovative Robotics Companies 2021.’

UVD UV-C Disinfection Robot Navigating Gallup McKinley School Hallway

”We selected UVD Robots after a rigorous review process of numerous disinfecting robots,” said Hyatt. “UVD Robots delivered on all of our needs and requirements of importance for our district, including technical excellence, maturity and track record, quality of approach in deployment, response time in technical support and maintenance, and overall value.”

“We are excited to announce, what we believe is the largest deployment of autonomous disinfection robots in any school district in the country,” said Per Juul Nielsen, CEO of UVD Robots. 

“The autonomous UV light is a highly effective, chemical-free method that disinfects the air and reaches all surfaces in a room, saving considerable labor through continuously repositioning versus stationary UV disinfection methods. We are honored to be working with GMCS to go beyond COVID and bring hospital-grade disinfection to the school district.”

Students Name Their UVD Robot

Students from GMCS’ Twin Lakes School participated in a naming contest for the robot to help with socialization and morale. Three finalists were selected, and the winner was announced. The school’s robot will now be known as Mr. Fox.

UVD Robots were originally developed to fight Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and are now deployed in the U.S. in educational campuses and facilities, the healthcare sector, airports, hotels, sports complexes, railways, shopping malls, food companies, cruise ships, pharmaceutical companies, and office complexes. 

UVD Robots even helped disinfect One Buc Place, the facility of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winners of the 2020 Super BowlUVD Robots are in more than 60 countries worldwide, meeting new and heightened expectations for safety and cleanliness.

About UVD Robots

UVD Robots is a Danish company established in Odense, Denmark, following a successful co-development project between Odense University Hospital and Blue Ocean Robotics resulting in the unique UV-Disinfection Robot. The UVD Robots provide efficient and automated disinfection solutions for hospitals and life science customers and have been clinically tested and verified at Odense University Hospital and by independent microbiological laboratories.

About Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces, and sells autonomous mobile robots for the professional service industry such as healthcare, agriculture, construction, and hospitality. The portfolio of robots includes the brands UVD RobotsGoBe Robots - a telepresence robot for reducing travel time, costs, and CO2 emissions; and PTR Robots - a safe patient transfer and rehabilitation robot for improving the health of caregivers. The robots are developed from problem, idea, and design over development, commercialization, and all the way to scale up. While each robot is known in the market by its own unique brand name, all robots in the portfolio are developed, produced, and commercialized by reusing generic technology- and business components. Blue Ocean Robotics is the world’s first Robot Venture Factory.

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